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Re: Apple Watch Series 5 Error Code 30 issue

That's great news @GallowayLass. Any further issues with the data plan let me know and let me know if you have problems with the free months offer and I can ask the team to look into it. 

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Re: Apple Watch Series 5 Error Code 30 issue

Having same issue.  Apple Watch series 5, iPhone X.  Originally (10 days ago) was getting code 44.  Phoned up and they eventually reset something.  Had a text yesterday (more than 24 hours ago) saying they have sorted it.  Then got error code 44 just once.  Since then continuously getting error code 30.  Have restarted both several times; deleted the watch and started from scratch etc.  Called yesterday they said up to another 5 days.  Every issue seems to be 5 days.  Not very impressive.  Watch says "No SIM" and "No connection".  In my account it says "1 associated device" and the plan seems to be set up.