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Esim transfer failure - showing active in O2 app on old and new phone, but only working on old phone

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In brief.


Bought a new iPhone 15 Pro max.  Upgrading from iPhone 14 Pro max.

Used the automatic transfer info from old to new.  Both running exact same version iOS.

Activating number failed on new phone.

O2 App on both phones shows my number as 'active'.  Old phone has service still.

Trying to add esim again from old phone gives an error, including odd phrasing 'A have already transferred <number> from your old <phone name> to this device.  It doesn't show in mobile data but showing in O2app as active.

Tried to manually download esim from O@ site and also MyO2 app.  Both error with 'We ran into a technical issue'.  Tried ordering a plastic sim.  Orders in My Account show order cancelled.

Tried calling support.  They couldn't get anything to work, suggested going to store.


At a loss now as what else to try.  Can't get to a store for at least a week.  


Tried resetting network settings, tried setting new phone up from scratch but it just has same error message of 'already transferred'.


Any ideas anyone?

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Go into myo2 and request a new esim, then install it on the iPhone 15 Pro Max after deleting the sim card from the iPhone 14 first.. and then once you have verified who you are on Myo2 delete the old esim and install the new one.. 

Esims always fail if the sim is already activated on another phone.. 

Where did you buy the 15 Pro Max from was it an upgrade? as if so then you maybe blocked from doing a sim upgrade for 24hrs after the upgrade...

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Thanks for the reply.  Seems there's a mysterious account issue so after spending an hour in an O2 store today where the guy serving me did his best, it's been escalated to back office team.  5-10 days.  Sigh.

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