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Earphone jack doesn't work

I've only had my S8&am very dispappointed that the headphone jack doesn't work no matter what headphones I try it plays through the speaker,I'd like O2 to sort this problem but samsung have been excellent&Are offering to send out a courier to pick up&fix my phone free of charge I'm very I.pressed with this,so far on time MY O2 I can find no category for this type of help
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Re: Earphone jack doesn't work

Hi @Inthebreeze74

You have done absolutely the right thing in sending your S8 back to Samsung (the manufacturers)

It's under warranty and should go to them NOT O2 repairs (who really don't have the best reputation)

Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: Earphone jack doesn't work

How long Have you had the phone? If less than 30 days you are entitled to a replacement if it's faulty. If over 30 days, with respect, deal directly with Samsung. Help is via customer service but preferably calling them not by using live chat.

Have you checked the jack socket to make sure no lint or fluff has gotten in there?

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Re: Earphone jack doesn't work

Hi Wave @Inthebreeze74 and Welcome to O2 Community Forum...! ...Friendliness goes far and beyond expectancy...! smiling

...By doing the right thing as you did, your live becomes more enjoyable... Live Long...and prosper! vulcan

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Re: Earphone jack doesn't work

Hey @Inthebreeze74, and welcome to the Community slight smile


I'm sorry to hear about your earphone jack issue; let us know if you need further help, and do share any update with us on how this is getting resolved!

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