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Welcome to the Volt board!

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Welcome to the Volt board 


This is the best place on the Community to ask any questions you may have about Volt, get involved in Volt related discussions, or even raise any issues you may have with Volt or getting the benefits applied. If you haven't already, please check out our Volt megaguide topic which explains what Volt is, how to get Volt benefits, and what to do if you run into any problems.


Questions / Issues with Volt

If your question is not answered on our megaguide or you need more information, then please create a topic on this board and our community members will be happy to assist where they can.


Questions / Issues with VM

If you have a question about a Virgin Media product or service, you can visit their community to find out more, ask a question or raise any issues you may have.


The latest VM News & products

From time-to-time we may highlight some Virgin Media news, products or services here that we feel our O2 or Volt customers may be interested in, but if you'd like the very latest news from Virgin Media O2, you should keep an eye on our news site, and if you'd like the very latest Virgin Media news, products or service launches or updates, then check out their Community here.


- The O2 Community team. 

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Seems like the VM side of the house also have challenges getting their arms around Volt:

Thank goodness there's a decent Volt Megaguide on this side of the house 😎


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"Thank goodness there's a decent Volt Megaguide on this side of the house"

Indeed. Pity someone hasn't done one for them!

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Don't worry - they'll get pointed over here soon enough!!

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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