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My iPhone will not go to 4g

I’ve just change to an eSIMs with a new tariff now my iphone won’t to 4g if there is not wifi

MD65 by Level 1: Joiner
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Doro 8100 experiencing slow wi-fi connection

Good afternoon,I recently purchased a Doro 8100 pay monthly device from O2, however--when I connect to my home wifi--despite saying that the signal strength is excellent and none of my other devices having an issue, the speed of the connection is ext...

PORTING, anybody experienced this?

Hi, I am wondering has anyone had this issue. I switched to 02 on 30th May with my number porting over. After 48 hours my number still hadn't ported. Nearly one month later, I still don't have my number. It has took me nearly one month to be told tha...

Help with connecting a new phone

I finally collected my pixel 8 pro yesterday and have attempted to set it up. I had to wait several hours for the esim to be ready. I scanned it with the new phone and then nothing happened. I eventually gave up trying last night but have woken up to...

Weevil by Level 1: Joiner
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why is my phone disconnected from the network

Why is my phone disconnected from the network Phone number [removed] [mod edit: as this is publicly viewable we'd ask members not to post personal information. Thanks ]

BCM by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! No network

Hi, I have ordered an esim which I don't have yet but since ordering it my phone has completely lost and network.I can't log into my O2 as i need the code that is messaged which I can't receive as no network

Resolved! disney+


Cannot cancel Disney subscription either in O2 or disney apps

I mean looking at this submission form Im not surprised I can't do anything properly in this app and I'm just going in circles. I have 3 active subscription showing on my account as additional charges while I just upgraded my tariff last week to (als...

Matteo by Level 1: Joiner
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