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Voicemail notification texts

I’ve just got a Nokia Flip 2660 to field work calls/texts. Calls are coming through either direct or diverted from a landline number.When I receive a voicemail I get a text notification, several for the same call (?3) but although I can access and de...

Resolved! How to get a PAC code when mobile is broken

Hello - so I need to get my PAC code as moving to a new provider.However my mobile screen is completely smashed so I cannot view messages & am being told that the only way O2 can send me my PAC is via text? This seems ridiculous as so many people mus...

SF29 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! esim card ----no data on samsung galaxy z flip5

I received my phone on the 3rd of Jan, but he esim card didn’t work (said no sim card)Yesterday morning I went into an o2 shop for helpThey gave me a QR code for a new esim cardI did the following:SettingsConnectionsSIM card managerClicked the + butt...

Ria55 by Level 1: Joiner
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Data-only SIM

I’d like to add an additional Data-only SIM to my existing account but not sure how to.

TJW by Level 1: Joiner
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App will not open

App has stopped working it asks me to wait 48hrs when I log in 

Webb_1966 by Level 1: Joiner
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Entirely reliant on O2 for internet (no broadband available)

Hi - I can’t seem to get hold anyone real. I have had very bad/zero coverage for a week or so. A problem is noted but no indication as to when/how it’ll be fixed. Don’t even know if it’s an o2 mast. We rely entirely on a 4G router as broadband has no...

No pay monthly contract info showing on o2 app

Hi all I recently bought a new phone with a new number and had my existing number transferred to the sim in the new phone. Now I don't have any information on the o2 app relating to my new contract? When I try to sign into the app it gives me the msg...