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Re: No service after tariff upgrade

Just seen this and the same thing just happened to me! Now I'm stuck in this endless circle of going into the app - going to the chat button, it opens a browser, the browser sends me back to the app, but that doesn't seem to work. When I tell the vir...

Lile97 by Level 1: Joiner
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Bought new esim yesterday now phone is not working. Unable to ring you or access my 02 sign in.

I bought a new esim yesterday but this morning I am unable to use my phone or access my 02 account as it requires you to send me a security code which you cant do as my phone is not working. Please help as I have an elderly father who I am now unable...

AmandaJD by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Activate sim

Bought a prepaid 30 day bundle for a Nokia 105, 4G, how do I activate the sim.

Bill1944 by Level 1: Joiner
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Added phone

I have added my wife's phone. The new number seems to have taken over My O2 account. How can I sign in so that the security text comes to my phone and not to the new number

FredM by Level 1: Joiner
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how do i disable 2 factor authentication

my account has 2 factor authentication that i never asked for and is half baked, i want to abandon the 2 factor authentication, there is no remember this device option and no option to send the code to email instead of text meaning if i had no signal...

I wanted to keep my old number

Dear Sir/Madam I've just transferred from Sky mobile to o2 and have just set up my o2 account and the number is different. I did sent in a PAC number with order to keep my old number but this hasn’t happened and I’m just in a bit of a panic. I’m disa...

Ongoing Roaming Issues

Hi all, bit of a long one. My phone was stolen in Feb, bars placed etc, and had a nightmare getting the new phone and bars removed but was eventually fixed. I went on holiday to Jersey and had no roaming. I didn’t all of the fixes on here for APN, re...