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New 02 Sim Card

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I recently upgraded my phone to one which will work on 5G. So for that 02 sent me a new sim card. The sim card responds well to 5G and 4G, but if it goes out of range of 5G or 4G reception, say when I am travelling in my car, the phone loses all roaming reception and stays without any until Flight Mode is cycled. This is really dangerous when you are relying upon navigation through maps as you lose all indication of where you are. It means you must stop the car and then cycle flight mode on and off to regain connection, if any is available. This is the same for other roaming apps such as Spotify but also prevents messaging from working. Last week I missed an important message whilst travelling because my phone had dropped 5G and 4G reception even though we had travelled back to a strong 5G area, the sim card did not automatically pick it up until I cycled Flight Mode on then off. How can I stop this from happening?

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Seems that O2 can fix the issue after rebuilding your account profile from their side, completely (IE you will lose service for a while), @MarkDerbyUK


Others have reported similar, not found an answer yet here in the forum:

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