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Caller ID Unknown

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Hi all , I'm new to the community , hope everyone is having a good day.


I am having a problem with my new iphone 14 ever since I was sent 5g sim by o2. Everytime my phone drops on to 3g , anyone that dials me , I will get caller id Unknown even though they might be in my address book. I have had some helpful advise from @Cleoriff @Kosmos5457 to ask o2 to have the CLI presentation bolt on which I have but unfortunately I am still getting caller unknown. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to ask again but you have confirmed that the bolt-on has been added as per screenshot that has popped up on numerous threads. 

I have to note that I'd also been in contact with Chairman's Office about this issue, as well as trying to get escalation through Customer Services to Network Infrastructure Team. As I did all in my power to chase resolution and provide as much detail, I'm not sure which route got me to a resolution. 

When I spoke with O2, they didn't provide me with much detail as to the things they had done to resolve. It was just noticed on my account that this bolt-on was there from around the date the issue resolved itself for me. 

I surprised of this even being a bolt-on. Maybe they've done something in addition to this but I wouldn't be sure. 

I was asking them to completely reset my number, disconnect and reconnect back to the network. Customer Services said it can interfere with billing so they were not able to do that themselves. 

I emailed the following addresses on 21st July. 



May be worth you going that route. Anything is worth a try by this point. 

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Hi Kosmos5457


thanks again for taking the time to reply on this maddening issue. 
I’ve checked my addons and can see that the CLI presentation bolt is there.

I’ll call them again and ask them to remove it and add it again. If no luck I’ll email the ceo as you did.

thanks again.


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