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paying calls charged extra for early

Hi guys, recently used my phone to make a call I’ll be charged extra for.


The recent charges part of my o2 isn’t showing the charge for the call just yet, however when the charge appears can I pay it off using my card before my next bill date and still pay my device and air time by direct debit when my bill normally comes in on the 21st of March?


Just trying to work out my funds. February’s bill date is feb 21st being payed by DD on March 7th, would I be best to pay the extra charge early after March 7th and would that bring my feb to March bill back down to the normal rate? 


Thank you!

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Re: paying calls charged extra for early

Hi @Anonymous

I'm not sure if O2 systems will allow you to do that. I would suggest you contact Customer Services http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus explaining that you would like to pay for this call separately from your airtime/device plan charges which are paid by DD and see what they say.

The best time to call is between 08:00-08:30.

In the meantime, welcome to the forum @Anonymous
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Re: paying calls charged extra for early

Yes you can.
Extra payments can be made at any time through your MyO2 or by calling customer service.
All you need to do is ensure they are at least 7 days prior to your direct debit coming out so that the system can process it with enough time.
All ways to pay here
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Re: paying calls charged extra for early

Hi @Anonymous, welcome to our forum! Please do let us know if you managed to do the payment ok in the end via My O2? Also let us know if you have any further questions the community could help you with. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Smiley Happy

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