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o2 keep hanging up

Ive called all the posisble customer service numbers, its currently 5pm where im at and they give me the option to pay my bill but I WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE TO DISCUSS MY DAMN CONTRACT


They just hang up

theres NO live chat, NO EMAIL no phone??? HOW am i supposed to get into contact with my phone provider?!?!?!? 

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Re: o2 keep hanging up

@Lorena_1 O2's response to customers during this period has been atrocious. All numbers available are in this link: Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

Because you're not buying anything, O2 doesn't consider your call important, so use the Lost/Stolen or Fraud option if you have to, to get through. Otherwise you'll just be disconnected.

An alternative to that is the advice below from an O2 Guru on how to get through.

You need to call 202 from your mobile:
If you call 202, when it comes to the reason you are calling, stay silent for 15 seconds and you will be taken to the keypad options.
Press 2 for Everything Else

Press 5 for More Options
Press 7 for Anything Else which will put you though to someone.


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Re: o2 keep hanging up

Did you manage to get trough to customer services @Lorena_1 and if so did they get your issue sorted? 

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