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my phone was stolen

Hi There, 


I have had my phone stolen from me yesterday and lost everything. I have had my mother call from England as I am in Brussels currently. my mum told me that you have cancelled my sim and a new one will be sent to me with my same number. They need me to call to verify this and I am trying to but I can't get ahold of anyone can someone help me please its urgent 

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Re: my phone was stolen

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Hi @Natashah


This is not Customer Services you are speaking to but a community forum made up of customers like yourself.


Please follow the instructions in the following link:



Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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Re: my phone was stolen

@Natashah You can call customer service for free using Skype over WiFi, or borrow someone's phone on +44 800 032 1402 which is the code you will need to call from Brussels. You should also report the phone stolen to the local police.


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Re: my phone was stolen

Hi @Natashah, sorry to hear about your phone. Smiley Sad Please do let us know how you're getting on with this.

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