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why has 02 gone to a 36 month contract on new upgrades 

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Re: contract


Tariffs are flexible so you can choose any duration from 3 months to 36 months.

You are not forced to take 36 months. 

These changes are driven due to the higher prices of handsets.

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Re: contract

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They haven't.
o2 now offer fleixble plans, so the person taking out the contract can choose the length from 18 3 months up to 36 months.


Correction: the minimum term is actually 3 months, not 18.

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Re: contract

The 36 months is designed to make the £1000+ phones more affordable. The problem with that is that every year new, shinier and better (supposedly) handsets come out and there could well be a lot of buyer regret being stuck in a 36 month contract (although you are free to upgrade at any time, finances permitting)