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armed forces discount

Im trying to sort out my army discount and have followed the guides on the community pages but have got nowehere!


Im texting 61202 and have tried British Army, Army, Armed Forces - but it keeps coming back with an error.


anyone know what I need to type???



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Re: armed forces discount

The code for the army is ARM01 

pop that into www.o2.co.uk/open


follow the instructions. Jobs a gooden

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Re: armed forces discount

Thanks Hughes,


do you know if you still get a discount as an army veteran?

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Re: armed forces discount

You need a payroll number and valid email address so it's doubtful ?
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Re: armed forces discount

It's worth asking customer service but I too doubt it. Once upon a time there was a discount for veterans but I think that was discontinued when the O2 Open was introduced.

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Re: armed forces discount

If you are a genuine veteran you can join https://www.defencediscountservice.co.uk where you'll find information to obtain the O2 Open discount you are referring to.
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Re: armed forces discount

Hi everyone, just double checked this on our end as well regarding the O2 discount - it is indeed serving forces only that get the discount, so looks like that's why it was not working for you @alidon. If you are active though and there's still a problem, the Armed Forces HR might be able to help with more info.


Cheers for posting that link @DaveA. Smiley Happy

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