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Why do I get charged for MMS messages from numbers I don't know and I haven't sent a message to?

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I have an ongoing issue with o2 which I am struggling to understand.

I logged on to my account today and saw I have been charged for MMS messages on 1st and 4th of January.  I checked my phone and I hadn't sent or received any messages (let alone MMS ones) from either of the numbers listed (I hardly use texts , usually whatsapp.  I had only sent 2 messages and received 2 on both days, all from/to people I know, no emojis, no pictures)


I called o2 and they have offered to refund me, I looked back through my bills and there are quite a few other instances of this, some from the same number as the one on 4 Jan.  They claim that as the information comes from my SIM I must have sent or received these, but I haven't!  I'm not interested in a refund really, I just want to understand how this can be happening and how to stop it again as I don't have time to be constantly checking my bill and being on hold for hours to get it sorted. 


Does anyone else have this issue?


I have raised a complaint to try and get to the bottom of it, the person I spoke to said that this isn't a common occurrence but it has been happening on and off for ages to me, a couple of years ago it was so bad I put a spend cap on my account and they refunded me well over £100 (this has failed recently though on a couple of occasions).  I wish I could just have a zero spend cap but I do need to call abroad occasionally.


I did mention that it would be helpful to talk to the Technical team to try and get to the bottom of it but apparently they no longer exist.... wtf?



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This is usually user error

Check this guide

Guide: Accidental MMS Sending and How to Avoid it 


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I wonder if its an app sending messages from your phone, as charges don't just get applied, as that would make sense to me .. 

The technical support team do exist but they don't talk to customers,  and are pure either IT or NOC team members.

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Thank you for that, it is not any of those scenarios, I send so few messages, no emojis, nothing long just a few words.  I don't attach pictures or anything.

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That sounds plausible, but what app would send messages that there are no records of? 

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Sorry another quick one, I keep getting messages from something called WildWestWin, I keep blocking it but as there is no number the blocking doesn't work.  Does anyone know how to block a text with no number? It says Login2Unsub but clearly I am not insane and would never do that 

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These guides and website may help.

Guide: Have you fallen for or been conned into a premium rate scam? What to do next 

Guide: Tips to avoid unexpected charges on your bill

The charges you are seeing could well be premium rate texts from WildWestWin

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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If you send emoji it could be that

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