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VAT Invoices for my phone

I have VAT invoices switched on for my tarrif but I am going round in circles with O2 in trying to get VAT invoices for my device. Does anyone know how I can get VAT invoices for both tarrif and device? Many thanks in advance.

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Re: VAT Invoices for my phone

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We are told it's postal only.

From O2:

We don’t issue a VAT invoice on the device plans every month, the Refresh agreement is a credit agreement and unless it’s a business account we are not obliged to produce monthly VAT invoices. Customer services can complete a form to send out a device plan VAT invoice for a specific month but this needs to be requested by the customer each time they need it and will be sent via post.

A regular VAT invoice can be turned on by calling customer services for the airtime only, once the service is on the account the customer should then get the VAT invoice sent to them via post monthly.

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Re: VAT Invoices for my phone

Hey @Speak222, did you have a look at the above information from @Cleoriff and have you made any progress with this since you last posted? Smiley Happy

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Re: VAT Invoices for my phone

In the UK, HMRC Notice VAT 700 states the rules for the issue of VAT invoices. This says (para 5.4) 

"There is no requirement to issue a VAT invoice for retail supplies to unregistered businesses. As a retailer, you may assume that no VAT invoice is required unless your customer asks for one."

If the customer has requested a VAT invoice, the retailer MUST issue one. It is not discretionary on the part of the retailer. The invoice can the the short form if the value is under £250 or the full invoice form. In both cases the tax point must be given.

In my opinion, if a retailer puts unreasonable barriers in the way of someone requesting a VAT invoice, they are not compliant with the regulations.