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Upgrading - choosing a tablet

Hi folks,


I want to stay with O2 and want to keep my phone, probably keep the same tariff but get a tablet. The only options i get tariff wise is data offers, but calls aren't included... i want to keep my existing phone and make calls with it and use the tablet on wifi so not fussed about data. Bit concerned that my tariff will switch to a data plan which i'll hardly use and i'll get charged for calls...


That right?

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Re: Upgrading - choosing a tablet

You will have to pay off your existing contract if there are any fees left before you upgrade so yes the tariff will change if you upgrade to a tablet 

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Re: Upgrading - choosing a tablet

If you upgrade to a tablet then yes you will change to a data only plan.
If you want to keep your existing phone and get a tablet as well, then you would be taking out a 2nd line (2nd contract) to run alongside your first (the phone).
Depending on if you are close to a store (and it is convenient) it would make sense to visit one and explain there - that way you know you are getting the correct thing and you have the tablet immediately.
o2 don't have a live stock system, so you are rolling the dice to see if one is in stock if you order on-line...

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