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Upgrade and 100mb Data

Hi All.


I've recently (this morning) 'upgraded' my Blackberry and service. Although in terms of service I don't think it's an upgrade at all.


I have been a long time customer of O2 and it's forerunners for 18 years, and my previous contract was 1200 minutes and unlimited data (email, internet, texts etc) this had the benefit of a 40% 'loyalty discount' which made it a good deal, I never abused it and was told frequently by O2 to consider changing contract because I wasn't using allowances and not getting good value, I saw it as O2 trying to take away my 40% discount by me taking up a new contract as they wouldn't or can't carry the 40% discount over into a new contract.


This contract expired May 2010 and I kept it rolling as it suited me and had no need to change phone.


My phone was 2G with crap coverage and speed so I had to bite the bullet and 'upgrade'


I upgraded this morning to the Bold 9900, and the adviser who was part of the 'thinking of leaving us team' advised the £24.00 package, 300 mins, 100MB Data. I lost my 40% 'loyalty discount.


I said that I receive and make a large number of emails, sometimes with attachments in the line of my work, maybe 40 emails a day, 5 with pictures, he advised I would never use my allowance even with internet browsing and that the 500MB packages etc was 'only really for people who download songs and watch streaming video a lot'. He added that I had unlimited internet and emails via Blackberry Service.


Now, this seems suspect advice to me, I'm not sure at all that 100MB is enough for that amount of daily email, some with attachments as I think emails and internet browsing will be deducted from my 100MB Data allowance


Or, have I got the wrong end of the stick and that using Blackberry Internet Service covers my emails and internet browsing ? So what does my 100MB Data cover ?


Say I'm unhappy with the answers I may get, can I return phone and go back on my old contract ?


Thanks and sorry for long winded post but I can't get through to O2 (service down)





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Re: Upgrade and 100mb Data

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He's probably correct in saying that. With BB's they use servers to compress the data so you never use that much even if you think you will. In my experience, the most I've ever used is 420MB in a month on my BB which included a lot of browsing with sites heavy on graphics and photos (flikr for instance). My normal usage is well below 50MB. Its one of the big advantages to having a BB is the data compression.


I use this free app to monitor my usage: http://mobile.e-office.com/Products/Mobile-Data-Alerter


Also, unless you are sending large attachments, don't worry about it. I recall 8-10MB is the largest size though email as a whole isn't designed to cope with that size of attachment. Or the person who does gets castigated over it!