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Sim only contract - upgrade

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Apologies in advance if this is a silly question.

I have a sim-only contract and I bought my own phone almost a year ago. 

I now want to get a phone with my contract and have seen some offers on the o2 website which I would be interested in.

When I log in to the website it also tells me that I am not due for an upgrade until 18th April.


My question is - what upgrade would I be due for given that I bought my own phone last time?


I did go online to ask customer services and to be honest I am more confused since I spoke with them. They have said that if I get a new contract phone I will have 2 contracts, unless I wait until 18th April to change my current contract.


long story short I'd like to order a new phone over the bank holiday but I won't if it means I'm paying twice. Or if there is some "benefit" of waiting until 18th April then I would like to know what that is.


Many thanks in advance

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Hi faceman,

It sounds like you signed up for a 12 month Sim Only contract. This means that until 18th April, you're committed to the Sim Only and if you order a phone, it'll be a second contract.

On the 18th April, you can go online and hit the 'Upgrade' button, visit any O2 Store or call 202 and you'll be able to upgrade your existing plan. You can choose any of the offers on the O2 website, and instead of adding a new contract, it will replace your existing SIM only so you'll only have one contract and one number.

Hope that makes more sense and Happy Easter!
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thank you! that is very clear!

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Happy to help faceman!


If you get the chance, please mark the thread as 'Solved' so that other people with a similar problem know that the answer is here - this'll save them from having to create their own thread and speed things up - you can also leave Kudos on any posts that have been helpful.

Please feel very welcome to revisit the Community and ask any questions in the future, particularly when you've got your new phone if you need help setting it up or with any of the features.

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btw when u do upgrade you will be on the simplicity package

for an extra 3 quid on a month or so , you could have a rolling 1 moth contract so u can upgrade your handset at anytime

eg iphone5 due out in about sept-oct

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If you're on a 12m sim only deal, you can now upgrade after 6 months if its your first contract, or any time if you upgraded to it. Call CS or go into store to discuss your upgrade options.

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