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Si m card

I have changed phone from LG j1 to LG k4, can't seem to fit 92 si m card in it, any ideas?

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Re: Si m card

Hello @Jimtgreen

Does your new phone state you what size the sim card needs? You can go into a o2 shop and ask them to swap the SIM. Over to the size you need. They will transfer your number from the old SIM card to the new one.

Don't force the SIM card in the tray as you run the risk of breaking the pins.

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Re: Si m card

Your old sim might be a triple sim so check if you can push out the smaller centre part of it.
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Re: Si m card

Hi @Jimtgreen, and welcome to the Community! How are you getting on with this since you last posted?


Cheers @FriendlyGamer31 and @MI5 for the suggestions slight smile

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