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Service supposedly fixed...

I didnt really know about the problems that O2 had with their network until i read about it in the news paper. I hadn't noticed any massive issues with my phone (pay and go Samsung Monte (S5620)) but when after O2 claimed to have fixed the issues they were having i noticed that i was only getting a 2G signal (the large blue G next to my signal bar) and since the issues were "fixed" thats all i've been getting. In my bedroom, where i am now, i used to get either a full strength 3G signal or medium strength, dependant upon weather conditions but now all i get is a rapidly fluctuating 2G signal. Disapointing. I had a thought of checking the "O2 Service Status Checker" and i've found that my 3G reception should be "good indoors and outdoors" but then above that apparently theres a problem with a mast nearby. Really? If there were such a problem, wouldnt i get a reduced signal etc. as a pose to what the "Service Status Checker" is telling me? At the minute my phone is set to "automatic" meaning it will automatically swap from 2G to 3G if it can and from 3G to 2G if the signal isnt strong enough but when i set it to use 3G only i get a weak-ass signal which eventually dies and i have none at all. I've had this phone for 2 or 3 year, and its served me faithfully, but its time to retire it as an upgrade has been a long time coming. I think ill move to the future, where its bright, and supposedly orange...
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Re: Service supposedly fixed...

The outage problem has been fixed, but if there's a mast fault that will account for your problem now.


Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon.

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