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SIM replaced - no mobile data

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I had my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) stolen recently. A replacement handset and SIM arrived yesterday and while calls, texts and wifi seem to be all working fine I can't connect to 4G or any mobile data. Can anyone offer me any pointers?  TIA

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Re: SIM replaced - no mobile data

Hi @beebow28

You need to contact O2 and ask them to remove any bars remaining on your account (from when it was lost/stolen...


Prior to that check your network status in case there are any mast issues https://status.o2.co.uk/

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Re: SIM replaced - no mobile data

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Hi @beebow28, and sorry to hear about your phone confused It'd be great if you could let is know how you get on with this after trying out both of the suggestions above. If you need any additional help, let us know!

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Re: SIM replaced - no mobile data

Thanks for the advice!