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Repeatedly losing signal after billing dispute

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Last week I received a message saying I hadn't paid my bill and that my calls would be diverted, I spoke to customer services to dispute this as I had paid my bill, 5 days before the due date.


It would take a couple of days to get this sorted and in the meantime a note was placed on my account to say that it was being investigated. None of this was ideal but I was "ok" with the situation as something was being done and I knew that I was in the right.

I was told that I would get a call back the next day (day 2) to be told the outcome of the search for the transaction, again I was "ok" with this.


On day 3, early evening, O2 finally tried to call me back.

I was busy and couldn't answer my phone at the time. 3 calls came in quick succession, on the third call they finally left a voicemail to say that everything was sorted. Brilliant!

I didn't call back because I wasn't able to until a couple of hours had passed, and everything seemed fine anyway.


Day 4 I blissfully went about my day, using my phone as usual.

About midday I was browsing the internet on my phone when it suddenly lost all signal, I just rebooted it, and everything was fine again.

A couple of hours later it happened again, and then again, a few hours after that.

I thought there might be a problem with a mast near me but at the time O2 was reporting full service in my area.


Day 5 I went to visit my parents, about 5 miles away, where I experienced another complete loss of signal, again I rebooted, and signal came back.


Later on day 5 was when it became a real issue.

My wife was on her way back from work, late at night, and became involved in a traffic accident. She tried to call me but, yet again, my phone had lost signal.

I wasn't expecting her home at a certain time, so I had no idea that she'd been delayed by the accident.

It wasn't until she arrived home and told me what had happened that I realised that I had lost signal, again!


She was fine, but it could have been so much worse, and I would have had no idea.


I’ve done several checks on my phone, I’m currently working as a mobile developer (Java, C# and HTML 5) so I know what I’m doing. I found nothing wrong.

I swapped my wife’s SIM into my phone for about 6 hours and had full signal the whole time.


I’m due to upgrade this month but I’m seriously doubting whether I should stay with O2.

I know I need to speak to customer services again but, before I do, I wanted to ask if anyone else has had a similar experience repeatedly losing signal after any kind of dispute with O2?



TLDR; O2 said I hadn’t paid my bill but I had.

That was sorted but now I regularly lose signal without any explanation.

Has this or something similar happened to anyone else?


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Pop into your local O2 store and get a free SIM swap first as yours could be going faulty.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Have you tried gently cleaning the simcard with a soft cloth to get rid of any static build up?

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