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Pay Monthly

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Pending Payment

I get notification on the 4th of every month that my new bill is ready. Once I get notification I go online and use my debit card to make a payment.

This Thursday 4the April I went online to make my payment but there was an error with the payment system and my payment was rejected. There was a message sying to try again later which I did do and got the same message.

A couple of hours later I looked at my banking app and saw there was a pending payment post for O2. Two days later and the payment is still pending. How long can it take for payment to be processed as normally when I pay it is almost immediate ??

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Re: Pending Payment

@MichaelJamesB You need to speak to customer service. Call them on 202. Don't use Live Chat. You could avoid issues like this if you set up a Direct Debit. The bill has to be paid every month, so it would make no difference from the way you're doing it now except you wouldn't have to think about it or have these problems.


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Re: Pending Payment

O2's system updates at midnight. Call them in the morning if it's still pending.

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Re: Pending Payment

I'd say it's failed so will never be taken by O2 and will be returned to your bank account in a few days time.
I'd pay again to avoid late payment fees.
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Re: Pending Payment

Yes I could set up direct debit but I haven't done so for a very good reason. I prefer to have control of what money comes out of my bank account and when it comes out.

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Re: Pending Payment

I have just spoken to my bank again today. The payment has been sent from their side and needs to be processed by O2. They said O2 payments can take up to 4 working days to go through and if it isn't processed by the end of the 4th working day it will be credited back to my account. So I guess I will just wait until Wednesday to see what happens.fingers crossed

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Re: Pending Payment

Hey @MichaelJamesB , sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having with the payment. I hope everything goes ok by Wednesday - do come back to let us know if it ended up being processed by then or if you need any additional help.

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Re: Pending Payment

From what you've described I agree with @MI5 


It sounds like the funds were earmarked but never actually taken by O2. The authorisation should drop off at your bank's end in a few days and the funds will be released back to your available balance


Just a waiting game I'm afraid and in my experience the length of time you have to wait will vary from bank to bank

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Re: Pending Payment

Well as I pointed out in my last post my money showed up in my account on Wednesday. I waited a few hours and then went back online to try make the payment. Once again I have a pending payment. I will wait the 4 days to see if it clears. If it doesn't and money is returned to my account then we know O2 have a problem with their payment system.


I am able to pay my TalkTalk, Thames Water and British Gas accounts without any problem. My bank have said there is no issue with my card or my acount.

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Re: Pending Payment

we,ve had this as well, guess o2 have a big problem at the minute with processing payments,and as usual the customer suffers for o2 mistakes/problems