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'PAC' for pay as you go number

Hi, can anyone tell me how to get a PAC, I am thinking about changing providers? I have no complaints with 02, but there is a 24mths deal on a pakage with a Lumia 530(free), so I am going to try and leave the 'stoneage' of a handset with only calls & texts, and venture into the'present' for FREE. Cheers, in anticipation, Jeff.

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Re: 'PAC' for pay as you go number

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Re: 'PAC' for pay as you go number

I would suggest you contact customer services via the methods discussed at o2.Co.Uk/contactus

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Re: 'PAC' for pay as you go number


It's an idea to check out other Networks via their Payg SIM cards to ensure they give good signal where you live , work and commute.

You can also unlock your phone for £15 which means you can use it on other Networks or increase its street value.

Unlock form -> https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/help/help?qid=1&q1=2&route=unlocking&case=Handset%20Unlocking%20Form
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Re: 'PAC' for pay as you go number

You have your answer above from cleoriff. Welcome to the 21st century Smiley Happy
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