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Overcharged for Data Roaming without Text Notifications

I returned from a short trip to America yesterday morning, and this afternoon have received a text from o2 to say that I have now spent over £41.01 on top of my usual bill on data roaming.


However the first text I received in America said that o2 would text me when I had spent £20, then let me know when I had reached £40 and not charge me anything over £40. I did not receive any text when I spent over £20...and would not have used data roaming if I knew I had gone over £20. And now I am being charged an extra £41.01 after being told I would not be charged anything over £40.


Is there anything I can do about this? I feel that there must be a mistake as I opened around 3 small email max when I was charged for 5mb data! And when opening emails at other points in the trip they have had nowhere near the same data usage.


Please help!

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Re: Overcharged for Data Roaming without Text Notifications

Call customer service and tell them you didn't receive the text, they may or may not be sympathetic but you won't know until you ask.