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Network & Data

This is absolutely ridiculous the issue has not been fixed yet! This is not the first time this year the network has gone down!! Not only have i lost a days work as completely rely on my data but this has made me rethink to renew with O2 as this has caused me a lot of problems!!
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Re: Network & Data

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I'm sure the other networks will take your money if you do leave... & have similar outages too. And you can be just as outraged with them.


One of two things will happen,

1.  you'll realise these things happen on all networks.

2. You'll run out of networks to run to.


Good look on your very short journey of discovery! 


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Re: Network & Data

I agree it's very annoying. O2 just get away with it. I've complained to them in the past with no result
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Re: Network & Data

Hi @Iceyes and @Bluesmum, and thanks for reporting issues with the network earlier. We have an official topic about this so we're locking this thread to keep the conversation in one place. Please use this thread to share your feedback. 




The community team. 

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