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Network Problem

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Ok almost no service at my home address for over 2 weeks.   I have 2 mobiles on o2 and 1 on Tesco.   Tesco tell me nothing wrong with mobile must be O2 whom they also use.   No help online, so went into shop today.


All 3 of my 'phones are less than 1 year old, yet none work from my home address,   they try to connect but cannot stay connected for more than a few seconds.


Visited O2 store today and this is what I have been told:


We are aware that there is a 'rogue' mast in your area and it is trying to connect you to 4G, and because 4G is not available in our area the connection is being 'dropped'.


Solution, my 2 Samsung Edge 'phones have been set up by them at the store to only work on 2G.   They can do nothing to help on my i phone 6.


They cannot say if or when this problem will be corrected as they are unable to detect where the rogue mast is!!!!


At least it is kind of working, but certainly not up to the standard my Contract promises.   i phone still not working and no offer of a fix.


Can this really be happening and if so, what, if anything can I do?   It really is not acceptable.

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Hello @amici-pat,

I apologise for any inconvenience this problem has caused you. Happy to see @Cleoriff@MI5 and @adamtemp64 have been really helpful. 

I have sent you a PM to see if we can get more information for you and help you further. 

Glad to see you back! Wave

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OK, so I really do not like Chat and being deaf, and (prefer contact in writing, as proof of what is said), I could not find an e-mail address under contact us, so as I was still being fobbed off, and there still was no service, and friends etc. away from my home were getting 3 and 4G , I decided to try RESOLVER., now my understanding was that once started all communications went through Resolver, but no, got a really (to me) offensive response from O2 through personal e-mail, basically saying "our contracts do not promise anything anywhere" so get on with it!!


Watch this space, oh, I responded to MercedesS, but have not heard anything in reply.


Oh, and by the way, miraculously, service was restored yesterday, but then there was nothing wrong in the first place was there O2

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