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What's the O2 community and how to get started

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Please note: You can find an up-to-date version of this topic here. slight_smile




Hi everyone! Welcome to the O2 Community!


What is the O2 Community? 

This is a place where O2 customers can ask for help and advice from other customers on anything related to O2! You can ask for help, join discussions and help O2 improve by providing feedback on products and services. If you're feeling a bit creative you can create a how to guide or write a review of your latest device! 


Why join the O2 Community? 

The O2 community is a great place to get help, talk to other O2 customers and have some fun at the same time! We have a great off topic section as well as boards dedicated to mobiles and help. 


How do I join? 

Joining the O2 Community is quick, easy and free! We would advise joining in order to get the most out of using the Community. You can register or if you already have an account sign in


How do I get help?

There are a variety of ways to get help on the O2 Community...


1.  Search 

There's a good chance someone has asked a similar question to you so the first thing to do is search for your query! You can do this using the search box in the top right of the Community or by clicking here.


2.  Ask a question 

If the search didn't provide the answer you wanted you can ask the Community for help. It's really easy to start a new topic by clicking the 'new topic' button at the top of each board or you can start a new topic directly.  


3.  Provide details 

The more information you provide in your question the easier it will be for others to help. Please make sure you don't post any personal info such as phone numbers as the O2 Community is public.


4.  Let us know your question has been answered

If your query has been answered please let others know by hitting the 'Accept as Solution' button. This will clearly mark the correct answer which helps others with the same question. It’s also nice to say thank you to the person who answered your query!


5.  Account queries 

If you have a question which relates to your account the Community may not be able to help. In this case login to your My O2 account. You can find a handy guide on My O2 here. 


New to the Community? 

If you're new to the Community a great place to start would be to introduce yourself to the other members! You should also check out the Community Guidelines so you're aware of the rules. 


Not sure on something? 

If you have any questions about how the Community works feel free to get in touch with a member of the Community team at any time! 



@Marjo - Community Manager 

@Martin-O2 - Community Manager 

Fancy writing a great device review or O2 forum guide? Send me a message!

Get involved:
• New to the community? This is how you get help.
• Want to know who we are? Come and say hi to us.
• Want to have a chat? Drop me a direct message.

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