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Moving to Sim Only from O2 Refresh



I'm planning on paying off my device plan, selling my current phone and buying a Pixel 2.


Because O2 don't sell Pixel 2, I can't simply upgrade with O2 refresh. I'd like to keep my current airtime tariff or a similar tariff with O2. Does paying off my device plan mean I just move to sim only or do I need to cancel my O2 contract altogether and ask for a sim only? 

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Re: Moving to Sim Only from O2 Refresh

Once the device is paid for it's your choice.
You can continue paying just the airtime as you do now.
Switch to a different sim only deal.
Cancel immediately and leave.
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Re: Moving to Sim Only from O2 Refresh

@chrisiwebster If you're planning on buying a Pixel 2, paying off your device, canceling the airtime, and going sim only is probably the way to go. If you continue paying the airtime on your current contract with the new phone it will not be considered to still be on Refresh.


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Re: Moving to Sim Only from O2 Refresh

I've always gone sim only and there are usually some good deals to be had.


You also have the option of checking what the other networks are offering but check out the coverage if you choose to do tha

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Re: Moving to Sim Only from O2 Refresh

Hi @chrisiwebster just wanted to check how you're doing today and if you found the above suggestions helpful? Smiley Happy

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