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MMS messages not included in "Unlimited" allowance?

I upgraded from a Simplicity Sim only contract a couple of months ago as I was regularly going over my call limit and was offered a newer £20 a month contract which came with "unlimited calls and unlimited texts"... naturally I nearly bit their arm off to change contract and save myself a packet.


Now I find they are charging me for all the media messages I send! So it's never £20 a month like it should be.


Firstly why did they not make it clearer that it didn't include media messages - to me "unlimited texts" means media messages too. My media messages on my old contract were included in my text allowance and not charged as extras!


I spoke to a CS agent online today and was told I could get a £5 bolt-on which would give me 50 free MMS messages a month. But I don't use that many, maybe only 6 or 7 a month (which still adds up to about £4 inc VAT).


The thing that really bugs me is I get 1Gb a month internet data for free. How can they give you that for free yet not MMS messages when they use the same data connection?

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Re: MMS messages not included in "Unlimited" allowance?

O2 has charged for mms for over 2 years on new contracts / tariffs and if you look at the shop tariff pages and click the more info I think it is then it shows charges outside the tariff.


not what you want to hear but those are the hard facts and the new T&C relevant to your tariff would confirm that. You have also lost the 4-1 SMS from abroad all are now charged.



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Re: MMS messages not included in "Unlimited" allowance?

MMS is little used these days. With many people moving to smartphones, photo's and pictures can be emailed for free.
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Re: MMS messages not included in "Unlimited" allowance?

Good point - I think I will email in future and save myself a few quid. Just media messaging is a bit quicker as I don't have to connect to a mobile network or wireless first.