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Low signal during standby, boosted during call

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Since moving house I have noticed my reception is very low during standby.  My Android phone reports average values of -114 to -119 dBm which is about as bad as it gets, however, if i make a call the signal strengh immdiately improves and if I switch back to the SIM status page it will now be showing -95 dBm.  Once the call has ended reception slowly creeps back to the first set of values


Is this behavior normal?



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Re: Low signal during standby, boosted during call

Phones do increase power when on a call or in use as opposed to being in standby so this would be more noticeable in low signal areas.
If you search online for SAR values you may find a site that lists the power for your device in both use and in standby.
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Re: Low signal during standby, boosted during call

@Coup Your signal can be affected by a slew of issues, including what your house is constructed from. You can check your coverage and the status of your local mast here: https://www.o2.co.uk/coveragechecker

Here's a couple of other links that might help you as well:




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Re: Low signal during standby, boosted during call



As you don't state the phone you are using it's not possible to say if 4G calling (VoLTE) is enabled but it sounds like it's switching to 4g when on standby (which is weaker at 2600 Mhz) and 3G when calling.


To test this:


Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Network

Tap Advanced > Preferred network and change this to 3G.

Phone will momentarily lose service and then should log back onto 3G.


See if the problem still occurs, repeat the process to switch back to 4G if you like.


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Re: Low signal during standby, boosted during call

Hi @Coup, have the replies above answered your question? How are you getting on with this? slight smile

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