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How can I sort out my network issues?

by on ‎03-11-2016 13:30 - last edited on ‎09-10-2018 12:18 by Community Manager (30,637 Views)

Things to check before contacting O2:

If you haven’t already, check the Network Status Checker (http://status.o2.co.uk) for the exact postcode. If a fault shows on the live status page, O2 will already be working to fix it, and you’ll be able to register for Keep Me Posted updates. If not, O2 crowdsources data from all checks to alert them to any problems that they’re not already fixing.


1. Is it affecting others on O2? If yes, please get them to go on to Status Checker too.

2. Try switching your phone off and on, to refresh your network connection. If this doesn’t help, try selecting the network manually, using your device’s settings.

3. If you’re having issues in different areas, try testing your SIM in a different O2 device. If the issue then stops, this indicates a device fault. If a different O2 SIM works in your device, this indicates your SIM is faulty.

4. If no issues show and your phone/SIM are okay, keep an eye on Live Status Checker (updates may take up to an hour to show)


You can also check the device-specific internet and network coverage troubleshooter on the O2 help pages. You can select your device from the list, and it will then ask you some questions to help troubleshoot the issue and get more information. This can help you also figure out if the issue relates to e.g. settings on your phone rather than a network problem.


You can also try following the steps in the below video guide on network issues. 



For O2 to look into it further:

  • Please go back to the same Social Media channel you were directed from, to confirm you’ve gone through the above fault diagnosis so they can investigate and raise the issue further.
  • If you’re contacting us for the first time, please let the O2 Social Media Team know you’ve already checked the above.
  • If you’re using a smartphone you can report the issue via the My Network app
  • If you prefer to call O2, Dial 202 for Pay Monthly 4445 for Pay As You Go or 8002 if you’re a  business customer

 If your phone is faulty, make sure it’s backed up, try a hard reset and check your software is up to date. If this doesn’t help, please make an appointment with an O2 Guru: http://j.mp/AeCBzy.

If your SIM is faulty, the best option is to pop into your nearest O2 shop: http://o2lin.kr/Po6TrH for a replacement SIM.

Once the live status page shows a fault has been fixed, you might need to turn your device off and on to refresh your network connection.

on ‎12-05-2018 22:51

I  Have already tried to switch on and off. As I can send emails I don't think it is a problem with SIM card.




on ‎12-05-2018 23:35