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Issue with debit card

Anybody else having problems using visa debit to upgrade their mobile , I am having a nightmare , system error - can’t get past exp date 

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Re: Issue with debit card


You would be better off phoning customer services https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Or going instore to upgrade.

Best of luck..

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Re: Issue with debit card

Very temperamental the payment system.

Call or instore recommended.

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Re: Issue with debit card

Hi @Karen2, how are you getting on with your upgrade? Did you manage to finalise it since you last posted? I'd be curious to also hear which exciting mobile you were thinking of getting next! slight smile

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Re: Issue with debit card

Funnily, the Visa Credit card I use for payg top-ups in our house would not work when logged into MyO2 via Chrome on a phone (using Virgin Media connection), but worked perfectly on the same MyO2 account via Chrome on the laptop (yes, through the same ISP).  I think the issue was in the handover to the VerifiedByVisa system, somehow... 

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