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Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

I recently rang and spoke to a member of o2's customer service team regarding the upgrade I'd ordered.


I ordered it yesterday (26/06) and paid the extra £10 for same day evening delivery between 18:00 and 22:00. I sat at home waiting all this time and no parcel was delivered. I then called customer service and spoke to an incredibly unhelpful representative. All I was given was excuses and no resolution at all. I then asked to speak to a member of management and was informed that none were available and it could be up to 24 hours until they can phone me back. This is beyond unacceptable.


I requested that they resolve the situation by 22:00 today (27/06), as I ordered the phone around this time yesterday for same day delivery so there is no logisitical reason as to why one cannot reach me by 22:00 today (Considering they'd offered the same service yesterday). I was told this was not possible, as some error had been made at the warehouse and they needed to resolve this before progressing. Again, more unacceptable behaviour on the part of o2.


I've had some very good experiences with o2 in the past but this experience has got me right on the verge of completely cancelling my contract and never bringing any more business back to o2. The incompetence displayed is quite frankly staggering.


I've also now emailed the complaints team, however they've emailed me back saying they'll call me to discuss. Call me on what phone?!?!?!?#


Jesus wept, what happened to o2?

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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

@quantumsheepas you have already made a complaint there is nothing else we can do other  than advise you to keep calling and pestering O2. This is their responsibility not yours. You are certainly due a refund here

I will mention @Marjo @Martin-O2 and @EmilieT  to see if they can assist you in anyway.

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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

Im confused as o2 dont offer same day delivery on any item, so it is always next day timed delivery, so if you ordered on the 26/06 you would expect it be with you on the 27th between 1800 and 2200.

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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

They definitely offer same day delivery if ordered before a certain time - I paid £9.99 for the priviledge as I'm not home most evenings and knew that I would be yesterday.


Heck, there's even a consignment number from UKMail that states (STILL!) it would be with me between 18:00-22:00 on 26/06 on their tracking website.

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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

I just want to reiterate again how incredibly useless o2 are being during this process.


I've so far spent over an hour on the phone to them this mrning and i'm no closer to any form of resolution.


They should be ashamed of themselves.

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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

Not much help to you now I know but after experiencing a simialr issue a few years ago I NEVER have deliveries sent to my home by O2 anymore(the last time i tried it took them 4 days to deliver a phone which should have been next day-lesson learned).


I always use click and collect from my local O2 store. Yes I might havet o wait and extra day or 2 if its not in stock in the store but at least it gets there and when its a new phone the store staff are normally excellent and help to set everything up(espcially if you go in at about 5 pm on a weekday smile


Unfortuantely its a case of badgering C.S until you get a resolution in this instance


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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

[ Edited ]



So I called again to what  I presumed was the "Complaints" number - that's what the website was inferring. however it turns out that's just the customer service department. She then attempted to put me through to complaints.

After waiting 10 minutes, she comes back on the line to tell me "I'm not allowed to wait any more". I ask for the direct number for the complaints team.




I'm absolutely furious.

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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

The lack of a live stock system highlighted yet again. I'm not sure how they can offer same day, next day or even next week if no one knows if it's in stock until they come to pick the order!!

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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

Simple answer @jonsie is they can't.
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Re: Incompetence, Incompetence everywhere!

Thanks for the tag @Cleoriff


@quantumsheep I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your upgrade. As you've already made a complaint I might not be able to help much but happy to see what we can do to get this resolved for you. I'll need a few details so will drop you a private message so we can talk further. 

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