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IMSI failed

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I got this message after trying my (very) old pay-as-you-go Philips Savvy today

IMSI failed

I assume i have been disconnected AGAIN through lack of use

We use this phone as an "emergency" car phone - but this is becoming a problem as 6 months could easily pass before we remember to use it to keep it "active"

The last time this happened I simply phoned O2 and a polite young man sent me a new sim and told me how to transfer my credit

Now I find that I can't get through on the 0844 "pay as you wait" number - and trying to contact O2 via the website just sends me round in circles

Basically it's seems impossible to contact O2 which seems rather strange for a phone company

I can't understand why any company would purposely want to block communication with their customers - but it seems to be the trend nowadays

So I have resorted to posting this message in the hope that somebody will try to help me

I would like to know :-

1: How do I get my money back?

2: What chance do I have of freeing my phone to use another network?

3: Instead of cutting off my phone - why not just make a charge of say £1 a month if it's not used?

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Just to add that all the networks require you to use the phone within a certain period.
I would also echo the advice about charging. Assuming its a modern lithium based battery then it needs charging every two months or so or it will lose capacity. If its an old style Nicad/Nimh then it will need even more frequent charging to prevent damage.
In short, mobiles are not suitable for very occasional use in a car without regular maintenance.
As for contacting O2 they would have been closed at that time of night.
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Thanks for your comments guys

but I made a point of buying a car charger lead to keep the phone charged up

also I did not phone O2 late at night - it was at a "normal" time of day

I'm OK to a point about being cut off through under use - but I've given O2 £20 or so in prepaid charges so that I can have a phone when I need it - it's not unreasonable at least to be able to contact O2 when I find it doesn't work

My policy nowadays is that if I can't contact a company then I don't use them - so goodbye O2 - it's been great

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In one of those bizarre coincidences I was reading an article today about this. Following a change at Vodafone, O2 are now the network with the longest period before they will completely cancel the account losing any credit and the number. Vodafone will now not only disconnect after 6 months of no use but will close the account.
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