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Hi all,


Can someone please give me a number so I can speak to a human please?


Keeps asking for number then gives me links and texts then says good bye????


Help Please - Trying to get through to payment line

O2 Support
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Re: Human

Hi Gemma83,
if you ring 202 from your mobile, when you are asked to select a choice, stay silent for 15 seconds, then, when asked, select option 2, then when asked, 5, then when asked, 7. You will then get through to a human. Smiley Happy
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Re: Human

Hi @Gemma83
Now that sounds like a fab solution!
from @O2Sophie
Good luck with getting a human😄👍
Welcome to the o2 community forum bye from TallTrees

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Re: Human

@Gemma83 Other customer service numbers can be found here: Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

Because you're not buying anything, O2 doesn't consider your call important, so use the Lost/Stolen or Fraud option if you have to, to get through. Otherwise you'll just be disconnected.


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Re: Human

Thanks Sophie.....