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How do I connect to Bt openzone

When I'm in a Bt openzone hotspot it takes me to the payment page. I was told by O2 that there should be a link on this page which takes you through the steps to join the wi fi but I can't find it can anyone help please
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Re: How do I connect to Bt openzone

I know this may not help, However not all BT openzones are avaliable to use.
When you connect to a bt openzone, the o2 advisor is correct. It will take you either to payment page or to a mobile zone page.
Ive connected to a few where i live and it comes up asking me which network im on. I choose o2 and thats it. If o2 isnt listed or you choose o2, it will say that you cant use this service which means that bt openzone hot spot.

Another thing you can do, text wifi to 2121 This will reset the mac system in o2 system and will re register you.
Worth a try and it does sometimes work. But you only need to do it once and when you place the sim into a new phone.
I hope this helps and make it clear.
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Re: How do I connect to Bt openzone

Thankyou for your advice I will try what you have advised.
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Re: How do I connect to Bt openzone

You'll probably find that you need to make sure the hotspot you're logging into has a red login page that only asks for your mobile number. If your mobile contract gives you BT Openzone access, and you've registered with the SMS 'WIFI' to 2121, that mobile login will give you access.
If the hotspot is asking for username, password or any other login credentials, (usually a blue login page) then that hotspot is reserved for paying BT customers and you'll need to find a different one.