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Getting tired of o2's inability to do anything properly

Just need to vent my frustration I've been trying to get the o2 iphone app to work for ages now, i spoke to o2 and a helpful chap setup an account for me but i cant get any info on this website and according the iphone app i have no account registered and it wont work I've reset the password and still nothing, i then tried to call o2 customer service and was in a cue for 17 mins only to be greeted by a friendly but pretty useless person, while we was trying to get this sorted and5 mins into the phone call my signal on my iphone dropped out and cut him off this brings me onto another bone on contention........iphone dropped calls I had the worst possible combination earlier in the week, my brother also bought an iphone on o2, useless signal combined with the iphones inability to be a phone resulted in no less than 12 dropped calls in 15 mins, in the end i resorted to calling him from my Vodafone work phone Add on top of this that i've had iphones with o2 pretty much since they were originally released and i,m particularly upset at the fact that over the years o2 have forced me on to an 18 month contract from 12 and removed my unlimited data allowance plus lowered my free texts and minutes then charged me to upgrade Every year it gets worse and yet now i can get unlimited data from o2's competitors, lots of people put me off sighting bad coverage from other providers but can it really be worse than the utter joke that is o2 coverage?? Im lucky if i get 3G for more than 30% of the day and i live and work in london, i would of thought that network coverage would be pretty good in a major world city, i can only imagine how terrible it must be for the poor souls who love in rural areas. Me and my brother who as previously mentioned also has an iphone with o2 now joke that the fastest way to turn an iphone into a ipod touch is to put a o2 sim card in it While I'm writing this i was hoping that o2 customer service would call me back to help solve my problem but no, obviously I'm not important enough for the staff at the call centre to interrupt their conversation about what was on TV last night to actually be proactive and actually help their customers. Just for reference my brother was cut off while on the phone to the olympic parking call centre just yesterday (you guessed it, his iphone cut out. surprise-surprise) but they were good enough to call him back, so why cant o2??? Anyway I'm sure nothing will change but unfortunately this was the last nail in the coffin for o2, when my contracts up ill go with an alternative company. Sorry for the rant but it was the only way to vent my frustration and it no doubt saved me from smashing up my ipod touch(o2 supplied iphone) Good luck to my fellow disappointed o2 customers
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Re: Getting tired of o2's inability to do anything properly

Hi Gwarhead


Sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced. There are a few things I would advise you to try and resolve your issues.


Firstly, with regard to the signal issues you currently have, you are right in attempting to speak to customer services as they are best equipped to establish what is causing your calls to drop, it is one of three things - your phone, your sim card, or the actual network in the area.


Whichever is at fault, customer services will try and resolve this for you. However, as you found out today, it's probably not best to call from the actual mobile phone that you have the issues with, as the calls will drop meaning you have to make several calls about the same issue. So, if at all possible I would advise calling from a landline or as you have tried before your friends phone. Alternatively, you can chat to our Pay Monthly customer service team via webchat online until 11pm this evening.


I appreciate your frustration, but please do not assume the reason you are in a queue is because customer service staff are sat around chatting, they are dealing with customer queries to their best of their ability. The reason they are not able to call you back is because they are an inbound call centre, so if they were calling people back, this would only increase your initial wait time to speak to them on your first inbound contact?


Another thing I would say on your point regarding unlimited data, is that have the customer service team check your average usage, and you may be surprised that you are using a lot less data than you think. If you are using less than 2 GB of data per month, then there will be a tariff available on O2 that you can upgrade to.


Good luck with everything, and I genuinely hope you manage to get it all sorted one way or another. Smiley Happy