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Ending a contract due to breach of contract?

Anyone ever done this and can it easily be done?


Everything was working fine on my experia L2 until the other day when I went into the store. Short story: Assistant blunder > unnecessary sim swap > no more 4G (only 3G) > 4 days later no one seems to be able to fix the problem (yet)


I'd like to keep the phone but there's an amount still to pay AND over 3 years I'm paying twice the value of the phone (as it is sold). I always thought if you take out a contract, with considerably higher rates than competitors over such a long period that the device would either be free or cost less, but there you go. That's O2 looking after their customers for you.


Still got just over 2 years left on the contract. I'm thinking of getting a sim only deal with Tesco, who piggy back off O2 so in theory should still be as good a service.

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Re: Ending a contract due to breach of contract?

It's a difficult process to go through but first of all you need to make an official complaint. If you do so hen @EmilieT  or @Marjo  or @Martin-O2  won't be able to help you.

You will then have to wait 8 weeks for a deadlock letter before proceeding any further. Anyway, complaints here ::


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Re: Ending a contract due to breach of contract?

This does not surprise me. Doing something in relation to my O2 account and experiencing difficulty..


Might be as well persevering. The service has been pretty good up until now so I'd like to stick with it, maybe another provider wont be as good.


I have threatened to terminate the contract but I guess they know I'm only half bluffing to try and speed up the process, and make sure it gets resolved before I go back home and can't get to the store I got it from.


Either way a complaint will be going in. I mean, walking into a shop with a phone that worked perfectly and walking out 20 minutes later with it broken because of the incompetence of a member of staff in the shop, then days/week(?) to get it fixed? You couldn't make that up for a sitcom!

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Re: Ending a contract due to breach of contract?

@Whiteadder You need to get help from our admin, who @jonsie have tagged, or file a formal compaint. There is most likely a solution to your issue, if passed to the right person, but it's hardly a breach of contract. I don't think you'd get very far going down that avenue.


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Re: Ending a contract due to breach of contract?

@Whiteadder Sorry to hear about your recent experience! Have you already put a complaint through? if not, as mentioned previously by other members, we'd happily try and help on our end Smiley Happy


Thanks for the mention @jonsie, and the additional advice @Bambino!

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Re: Ending a contract due to breach of contract?

Complained several times already, and will do so again officially. They are compensating us by refunding the rental charge for this month.


Still no further forward and not happy about this at all, so on the verge of terminating the contract. This isn't good enough, utterly inept. Completely beyond me why this has turned into such a cryptic and unresolvable issue! It's like going into a pub and ordering a pint of lager, then half way through drinking it the barman takes it off you and pours it down the sink. You demand another pint to replace what you paid for and the barman goes away to pour you another pint and hours later you're still standing there with an empty pint glass while he stands there asking you repeatedly what the problem is.


A company that provides a service, then stops providing it and can't work out why they've stopped being able to provide it. Complete and utter joke.

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What's the best alternative?

[ Edited ]

I've completely lost all confidence in O2 to provide me with a service now.


In looking for an alternative provider what must I consider? I mostly use my device for 4G internet access when out and about.


Does it make much difference these days who you go with as to how reliable the signal is? I think they all use each others 4G towers.


I fully appreciate that probably all the mobile network providers are lousy in terms of many factors.


I'm just not going to put up with having a perfectly working phone connecting to 4G, walking into a shop and then walking out again with a broken phone (or a phone that no longer connects to 4G and no one 1 week later can work out why or fix the problem)


It's a #firstworldproblem but it's not acceptable and a complete and utter joke.


These people are supposed to fix things for you, not break them!


So I'm thinking of switching. Who says I can't?

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Re: What's the best alternative?


How to cancel here Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

They will text back with any fees due to cancel.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: What's the best alternative?

@Whiteadder No one is saying you can't cancel your contract. You'll just have to follow the guide and pay the remainder of what you owe. If you think you should dispute the charges, that's entirely up to you.

As far as the other networks go, I suggest you get Pay & Go sims from them all and try them out to see what kind of coverage you'll get in the areas you frequent most before committing to a long term contract again.


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Re: Ending a contract due to breach of contract?



Just a random thought, has a network reset been tried on the phone?


Note: This procedure will cause the phone to forget any wi-fi networks, Bluetooth pairings and app data restrictions as it resets the networking stack for wi-fi, Bluetooth and the mobile network, your phone will momentarily report no service while it reauthenticates itself on the network.


Ensure you tap network and not factory settings


  1. At first turn on the device by holding the Power button for a couple of seconds.
  2. Now choose Settings and System.
  3. After that select Reset and network settings.
  4. At the end tap Reset Settings and Reset Settings

I hope this fixes things for you.



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