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End of Airtime Plan

How do you find out when your Airitme Plan ends as this is seperate to your Device plan? No way to do this online. What happended to the chat service?

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Re: End of Airtime Plan

Your MyO2 will give you the end date (when you can upgrade) http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2 and chat is available on this link http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus
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Re: End of Airtime Plan

Not sure about yours, but in MyO2, hover over "Allowances and Recent Charges" and select Tariff and Allowances, the top box gives information about my current airtime tariff and the associated renewal date. Might be worth a try, but I don't have a device plan so it may appear differently. 

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Re: End of Airtime Plan

Your Airtime plan only ends when you cancel the contract, either by porting your number away or giving notice of cancellation @Schmacks.
Your device plan has an end because it is in effect a 2 year loan to pay for the phone/tablet.
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Re: End of Airtime Plan

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Re: End of Airtime Plan

Thanks guys for the useful pointers above slight smile Did you get some clarification about your Airtime and Device plans in the end @Schmacks?

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Re: End of Airtime Plan

Hi guys


on this topic, just wondering.  My airtime contract is due for renewal next month.  Will this tariff carry over or do they cancel it and move me to a newer contract?


The one I am on now is perfect for me and a similar one is looking like being £7 per month more.



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Re: End of Airtime Plan

The airtime carries on until you give 30 days notice. Obviously if you start a new contract the airtime on the od one will stop.

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