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Credits payment

Hullo there can I pay £420 upfront my paymth account for 1yr payment be in Credit? Pay by S/O Via Bank. Just want to know if I can do it thanks
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Re: Credits payment

Yes. You can pay any amount which will be saved as a credit against your airtime payments.
You can also do it against the device plan but monthly payments will still be taken. But the payment will be less.
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Re: Credits payment

Exactly as @MI5 says.


Although obviously if the amount you are paying towards the device plan is enough to settle the total outstanding balance, then the payments wouldn't continue to be taken.


So if you're able to settle the device in full (assuming a Refresh contract, of course) then that's the best solution and you can pay any amount as a credit balance to your airtime.


Also worth keeping a close eye on your account during this time, as if for any reason the credit balance is used up quicker than expected, due to out of allowance charges for example, then without a DD in place you could find a balance becoming overdue resulting in a loss of service/impact to credit file.


One other thought, also assuming a Refresh contract, would be to make a one-off credit payment to your airtime account which would be used to cover your bills for x period (with the same proviso regarding monitoring your balance/usage) and set up a Standing Order for the device plan, as this is a fixed monthly amount which doesn't change.


Would always recommend DD payments regardless of the type of account, however just a few alternatives and thoughts to consider. Smiley Happy

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