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Contract termination.

I may need to cancel my contract that has approximately 6 months of 24 to run. I know I am liable to device charges but if cancelled, would I be liable for any airtime charges for the 6 months still to go??
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Re: Contract termination.

No you just pay off the device and give notice to end the airtime. See here:

Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

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Re: Contract termination.

So long as you are on a refresh contract (you took it out with o2), then no.
If you took out a standard 24 month contract with a 3rd party (Carphone Warehouse, mobiles.co.uk, etc) then yes.
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Re: Contract termination.

Please read my guide here. You won’t have to pay airtime plan charges 


Guide: How does O2 Refresh work? 

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Re: Contract termination.

Hi @Contrat , sorry to hear that you're planning on cancelling your contract. Did you get all the information you needed from the helpful replies above? Let us know if you need any additional advice. 


Thanks for the help guys @jonsie , @gmarkj , @Anonymous thumbsup

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