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Cant connect to wifi BT openzone. Advice needed.

I had the dongle for nearly a week and so far havnt been able to connect to wifi BT openzone.
All i get is message from connection manager saying: Bt openzone platform seems busy.
As a result, I havnt been able to enter the mobile number provided on the O2/BT openzone page although I am not sure if this is required.
The O2 3G connects fine.
Is this a common problem and is there anything that needs to be checked?
Any help most welcome.
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Re: Cant connect to wifi BT openzone. Advice needed.

The phone number of your dongle sim is all that's required on the blue O2 landing page.
Have you tried any other wi-fi sites, or connecting to a wi-fi router to check the wireless on your phone/pc/device is working ok?
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Re: Cant connect to wifi BT openzone. Advice needed.

I've just bought a dongle and have the exact same problem.
My pc connects fine to other wireless networks and routers.
Anybody got any ideas on what the problem is!
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Re: Cant connect to wifi BT openzone. Advice needed.

Not all wifi displayed as openzone is included bt also use openzone on hone hub and business hubs and these are not public openzones check the hotspot directory for public ones
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