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Re: Bill issue

I know what you sent to me as I received text mssg from O2 when I landed here... that fine

But how my bill reached £91 and didn’t use data more 3 minutes max and one single call I received from uk that lasted only 2 minutes
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Re: Bill issue

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Re: Bill issue


As I said already, you need to ask O2.

As a fellow customer, I cannot access your account, sorry.

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Re: Bill issue

So the charge over 2 bills was £151.
Take £40 off that for your tariff - £111.
Take the 2 minute call off - £107.
That works out to less than 15Mb of data, which is not really alot.
If you were JUST using google maps it should be enough to cover 0.67Mb per mile, but what else could have been updating in the background? You could have emails, iMessaging, WhatsApp, Facebook or anything else looking for an update.

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