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Re: 4G Coverage becoming real slow

Keep reporting it using the my network app.
The next step is to put in an official complaint (links on the contact us page at the bottom of this forum). Try using resolver as that tends to get decent results, plus keeps everything in one place.
Finally if that goes no-where you request a letter of deadlock to go to the ombudsman. This is the last resort though as the only place to go from there is another network...

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Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Re: 4G Coverage becoming real slow

It's always worth calling them. If you get no sense out of customer service then make a complaint via the Resolver website

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Re: 4G Coverage becoming real slow

Cheers guys, I will ring them up and try and push a resolve and take it from there, tbh i'm literally getting next to no speed (youtube wont load videos etc) so i'm not just being fussy, the service around here is hanging on by a thread.

Many thanks.
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Re: 4G Coverage becoming real slow

I would say that maybe Wrexham park hospital are allowing people to use their mobiles now and congestion is showing 

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Re: 4G Coverage becoming real slow

I did a few tests this afternoon, logged a couple of cases using the My Network app from my place of work... not as bad as yours, @Chris_S, but definitely a degradation over the day (timestamp at top of screenshot, both on 21-May-2018):



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Re: 4G Coverage becoming real slow

Sorry if this has bumped the thread back up, however this was the most recent thread that I have come across regarding this problem.


Now the issue I am having is the same and to be honest it has been going for a while. A fault on my part was that I wasn't persistent in continuing the complaint though.


So I have a OnePlus 5t and I've just switched to a 20GB Sim Only tariff. Phone and plan is capable of streaming videos on Youtube however when trying to do this on the go using my data the video is unwatchable. It continues to freeze every few seconds. On previously reporting this an advisor suggested a new sim but that didn't work. Then I was tod to use the Youtube website as opposed to the app, but I don't get the option to adjust the quality and the video playback is similar.


I have read on previous older threads that O2 throttle the network and compress which doesn't allow streaming to be clear.


There is nothing wrong with my network as everywhere I have tried to stream I am getting 4G/4G+ for my signal and my download/upload speeds are fine too.


Any help would be awesome

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Re: 4G Coverage becoming real slow

I don't know if it still works but using "bypass" as the APN username used to bypass the compression.
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