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2019 july consumer free offer

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Can anyone help me out I got a upgrade to samsung s10+ and I did this online with the phone it said I can came my free gift . I have gone on to claim my gift. Now it ask for me to put in Access code . Can anyone please tell me where I can find this access code ???? I looked on my receipt and cant see any thing .
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@Foddersin wrote:

Just to chime in here.

I recently upgraded 2 lines on my account in store to the S10+ with 40GB data plan.

Was supposed to receive a little card but the store did not give this. Went back to store and they gave me them without question and just advised to redeem after the 14 day cooling off period.

4 days to go so I can redeem mine grin.

Nice one @Foddersin! If you bump into any sort of issue give us a shout, and I hope you enjoy your gift wink

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