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Pay and Go hub

Hey everyone, Welcome the to the Pay and Go hub! This thread is a handy index where you can find help and information about the main Pay and Go questions that we see on the community. If you have a question about topping up your balance, setting up a...

Martin-O2 by Former Staff
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FAQs: Pay As You Go

Hi all, welcome to the Pay as You Go board! If you have a PAYG account or are thinking of getting one and have related questions, this is the place you can post your question to and get replies from other customers. Please remember: if your query req...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Hi I have a pay as you go sim for my iPhone and with my recent virgin subscription I was offered a sim for 5pounds a month which I took with the deal . How do I go about changing my number over and cancelling the original pay as you go sim please reg...

Bolt ons

I am trying to purchase a bolt on, but it keeps on telling me that it cannot be added. Please help as I am running out of data and do not wish to switch to a rolling plan.


Can’t activate SIM card as old one is broke and it’s asking to confirm it’s me through text

Davisdddd by Level 1: Joiner
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No signal

Hi I have put my pay as you go sim in a phone and I am getting no network

Lealea47 by Level 1: Joiner
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Big bundle sim not working abroad

My big bundle SIM card expires today but it hasn’t been working while I’ve been abroad, I’ve been told to call 4444 to top up but I can’t make calls therefore I can’t top up. My O2 app isn’t working and I can’t order a new sim while I’m abroad. Any h...

Mash by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Close account

How do i close my account and deactivate sim? 

Kerry1979 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Sim card

If I buy a new sim free mobile, can I use my current sim card in new mobile?

Rabsco by Level 1: Joiner
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cannot make calls or send messages while abroad in Europe

I've spoken with O2 and added necessary bolt ons, waited 24 hours and still cannot make calls or send messagesWondering what to do next. Calling O2 costs me a lot of money from here using skype (sadly the only option i have)

geo-li by Level 1: Joiner
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No internet abroad

I have arrived in Europe and I have no internet I need it please 

Jodie31 by Level 1: Joiner
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Trying to change my auto top up

I'm trying to amend my auto top up but it keeps kicking me back to sign in page even though I'm already signed in.

sue410 by Level 1: Joiner
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