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auto top-up tool not available

Hi, I set up auto top-up a while ago, which I found very useful. However, now I note that there is no place in "my02" to access the tool to change it (my card has changed so I now just get a SMS message to say the auto top-up fails, but I cannot find anywhere to change the auto top-up details on the web site!). If you look at  https://autotopup.o2.co.uk/o2uk/FAQ.aspx

it just says to go to www.o2.co.uk/myo2. I must say that over many years I have found the 02 web site one of the worst I have ever used (e.g. in the past it did not work well on mobile devices, now we see that the auto top-up feature is missing from "my02" etc).


Has anyone found where they have hidden the auto top-up settings?

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Re: auto top-up tool not available


The layout of MyO2 changed last week.

Maybe @Marjo can ask the team and let us know where now to find auto top up details?

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Re: auto top-up tool not available

OK, I asked the chat and they found me the link, you need to go to:




this has the auto top-up settings (but first you will have had to log in on a different tab to my02). 

However, the FAQ on that site just points you to my02 which does not allow you to change the settings.


e.g. if you happened to use google to find the auto top up it would take you to https://autotopup.o2.co.uk/o2uk/FAQ.aspx from there there is no way to get the auto top-up control panel.


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Re: auto top-up tool not available

It's still showing this on the O2 website.

3. Auto Top-Up

To get started, sign in to your My O2 account and activate auto top-up.

You can then set a regular day or date to top up your mobile, with a specific amount of money. You can even set top-ups to activate when you're low on credit. We'll take care of the rest and you can cancel at any time.



However, if you change cards you have to let O2 know. I presume this would have to be done by calling 4445.


I had no idea the layout of My O2 had changed?

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