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Top up pay as you go

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Please can anyone advise if i have a balance on my phone will my taken from this instead of me having to top up.

Thank you
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Everything you need to know is here. 

When we deduct the first month's payment for your Big Bundle or UK & International Bundle, you'll get your inclusive monthly allowance, which will be valid up until midnight the day before your renewal date - one calendar month later.

On your renewal date, we'll attempt to deduct payment from your balance, and if successful, you will get your new inclusive monthly allowances. If you don't have enough balance, then you will not get a new set of allowances and our standard rates will apply. You will need to top up the right amount so that we can deduct payment and give you another month's allowance. When this happens your allowance will be valid up until midnight of the day before your new renewal date - one calendar month later.


Payment for your Big Bundle or UK & International Bundle comes out of your credit each month. The easiest way to add credit is to use auto top-ups, but you can also:

  • Visit My O2
  • Call 4444 from your mobile
  • Use an E-Top Up card
  • Buy a voucher anywhere you see the green top-up logo

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Hi I believe that if you have sufficient balance then they will likely take it from it. You wouldn't need to top up again. But if your balance is in sufficient then you will be required to top up.
I'm not sure but that's very likely to happen.
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